Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Comet's Dam Does It Again!

We want to thank Martin and Louise McClure of Six M Galaxy for the opportunity to own one of Noel's bucks. Our Comet is doing a great job here in AZ! His dam is in the top ten milkers for the 4th year in a row. We couldn't be happier with the kid crop that Comet produced for us this year. We are getting ready to breed him again to some of the girls. Wow! I am so glad we drove all the way to San Francisco to get our guy when he was just a few weeks old :-) Below is his dam's pedigree and milk records.
Noel ~ 4 Time National Top Ten Milker SG Six M Galaxy Nova's Sonia Noel 10*M 2008 Nubian National Top Ten #4 in milk, #5 in protein 2007 Nubian National Top Ten #10 in milk 2006 Nubian National Top Ten#1 in milk, #5 in protein2005 Nubian National Top Ten#3 in milk, #9 in butterfat, and #1 in protein (tie)2009 USDA Elite Doe ~ 99th Percentile 2008 USDA Elite Doe ~ 99th Percentile 2007 USDA Elite Doe ~ 99th Percentile 2006 USDA Elite Doe ~ 99th Percentile 2005 USDA Elite Doe ~ 99th Percentile Linear AppraisalAge 2 V V V V 85Age 3 V E E V 89Age 4 E E E V 91DHIR01-11 304 2970 124 11202-11 305 3680 143 123 (ext. 316 3730 145 126)03-11 305 4030 163 141 (ext. 363 4390 178 158)05-02 305 3400 117 118 (complete)06-01 287 3450 120 118 (complete) 07-00 116 1950 63 64 (in progress) LIFETIME 1691 19890 747 696 Sire: SG +*B Six-M-Galaxy Poseys BF Nova Dam: SG Six-M-Galaxy Pistachio's Sonia 9*M

Farmers Market

Our first official family/friend customer was Pam Boettcher Bray. She and Wendell went to Underdown Junior High together and we were all classmates at Tolleson High School when it was just one school and not a district. However, Pam hasn't stayed in the West Valley. Wendell went all the way to a market in Ahwatukee for this sale. She also became our first return customer at the same market this past weekend. I think she really liked it because this time she bought a pound instead of 4 ounces!
Thanks go to her and ALL of our friends and family that have become an integral part of this business. Being in the Valley of the Sun for 5 generations has its perks. I have a picture of my great grandparents (must scan and post) with their favorite Holstein cow in Buckeye taken in 1930. They had moved from Chandler to a piece of land in Buckeye where they homesteaded some property not that far from where our dairy is today! Seems like we are related to everyone here. Because of that we have lots of wonderful promoters out there. Many of them are on facebook, too. Happy to say that we are selling out at the markets. Sometimes with 2 or 3 hours of market time left all of the product is gone!
The 'girls' are finally paying their feed bill :-) A lot of you have been asking so many questions. I must apologize for the lack of communication here, on the web site and on facebook. Erik and I are doing our best to keep you in touch. We have just so many hats to wear. The fact is that we are still waiting to do any press releases until we get our ag exempt status approved. Yet one more hop through the LEGAL hoops. I am a rules girl though and we are doing things the right way! Currently, we are in the last month or two of the application process and things are moving right along. Then, and only then, can we install our perimeter fencing that we have to have before we can have on-farm sales. Right now we are having a heck of a time just keeping Luna contained. When she sees a coyote or such, she somehow wiggles right through the goat's feeder. She is very people friendly though. Luna just does her job very well. No dog, coyote, bobcat or other critter is allowed near her charges. In fact, she even chases birds away. Though frustrating, she is really an amazing dog. Just smart enough to get out when she feels the goats are threatened. Keep an eye out for Wendell, Erik, David, Charlotte and Becky at the Farmers Markets. Erik does a good job at keeping those we will be attending posted on our facebook page. I really hope they see some more of you there. I, on the other hand, will be in the barn milking or in "Johnny Crow's Kitchen" making the cheese. Text me!