Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Juice!

Though some of you may think this is Wendell, it isn't. It is Johnny working on the electricity -- AGAIN. We can't thank him enough! We now have power in the Cheese Studio and the Tank Room. Becky and I run parts and make sure that the crew has food and drink. The guys will be working on the boiler installation this weekend. Things are really starting to take shape. Wendell has finished the paint on the barn since this picture was taken. He is painting the house today. We are very excited to be nearing the end of construction!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Monica goes home!!!

We received a phone call in response to the Lost and Found ad that we had placed in the newspaper. The lady said that they had been missing their 8 year-old daughter's poodle for over three months. She had wandered away when she was in season. The description she gave matched the little white poodle that Wendell had rescued. This dog was supposed to be very friendly. This was not our experience with her. So, they told me her name was Monica. It was dark when I went out to the kennel where we were keeping her. I called out her name and it was the FIRST time that she ever came to me. It had to be her because we had been trying and trying to get her to come. They came and picked her up the next day. We were all very happy to see her find her owners. A real Lady and the Tramp story. If we could only find "Watson's" owners now. He is still hanging around here. Gets along great with the kitties so we will keep looking for his family. Wendell jokes that he will still be here 12 years from now!

Monday, May 18, 2009

No More Tangles!

Wendell called me on the cell the other day and said that he had tracked down two stray dogs and was on the way home with them. He told me they looked like they had been lost for a very long time. When I saw them I knew he was right. The poor Poodle/Maltese/? mixes were a matted mess! It took Wendell, Becky and I three hours of scissoring to remove their matts. Now granted, we are not dog groomers, but I am sure that this was one of the BEST groomings they have ever had. We have put an ad in the paper's lost and found section and posters around the area. I hope that we can find their owner. It looks like each of them has had a broken leg that healed wrong. Probably from being hit by a car during their ordeal. So sad!
On a happier note ... The 50 baby chicks that I ordered arrived at the post office this morning. We have cheep cheeps again :-) We also have two new kittens. Lexia named them Teeter and Totter. They are brothers and aren't exactly lap kitties yet. One bit me! They were found feral when they were small. So, with a little goat milk and patience, I am sure they will be great rodent chasers. Watch out ground squirrels, T and T will be on the prowl soon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thanks to Johnny, I can milk after sundown!

Wow, have we been busy! My lack of posts tell the story. My nephew, Johnny, got lights to work in the holding pen. Yes! He worked so hard up there on the ladder. I really appreciate all that he did. I can finally get rid of my extension cord and lamp to see at night. This helps so much when I go out to check everyone in the evening. We have so much family support and feel so blessed. Thanks also to Alan and Teri for lunch at Raul and Theresa's. It was a much needed break and we enjoyed it very much. Wendell is painting the final coat on the inside of the barn today. Will try and get some pics up soon of the improvement. It looks soooo good. Still a few days until the next kid is due. Wendell is headed to Snowflake to visit David and Kathryn this weekend. Taking some stuff up. Maybe he will bring me a new doe home :-)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Secret Lake

Whew! It has been so nice to have a break from kidding. We even took time to hop on the Ranger and ride about a mile to what we call the Secret Lake. Actually, it is an area where the Gila River backs up to a very wide spot. Wendell and I have lived in the area our entire lives but never knew you could go to the "lake" out here. People boat, fish and such on this body of water. It's our new place to go to hang out and just enjoy watching all of the birds and wildlife there. The sunset was much prettier than the picture. Arizona has the best sunsets!