Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sandy Has Quads

Well, finally Sandy showed the true signs of labor. Two others had sneaked in front of my prediction of the first to go. She was just too big to go any longer. I put her into the kidding pen and kept an eye on her. My friend, Kathy, came by and we sat in a couple of chairs and watched for progress. She then started to push! With a bit of assistance, a brown buckling A5, 6 lb 4 oz, was born, followed by another buckling A6, 6 lb 11 oz. Then a brown doeling with a white splash on her left side, A7 (Candice), 5 lb 8 oz, and a spotted brown doeling with a white mark on her right side, A8 (Amy) 5 lb 9 oz! I was so glad to have Kathy help with the navels, drying and feeding. I knew this doe was bigger than the others :-) Mom and kids are doing well!