Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Most Unfortunate Hiding Place

Wendell and David went to work on the dairy this morning. On the list of things to do was setting the rest of the T-posts on the buck pen fence. If you aren't familiar with a T-post, they are metal posts that support wire fencing. In order to get them into the ground there is a special tool. This fence post driving tool is a long piece of heavy pipe that is closed on one end and has handles that you hold as you drive the post into the dirt. Wendell sent David to get the post driver which had been laying in the corral overnight. He gave it to Wendell and he proceded to fit the first post into the tool. With a long stroke Wendell gave the post a good whack to get it started into the dirt. It usually makes a very loud metal banging noise so David had his fingers in his ears. But, for some reason, this time it made no noise. They thought that was strange. Upon the second attempt to drive the post, a small bloody organ fell out of the driver. Only then did they discover the small ground squirrel that had been hiding in the tool!!! The boys tapped the tool on the cement and the remainder of the now deceased squirrel fell out. Ugh! Farm life can be so graphic. Don't worry though, this will not affect the population of the ground squirrels on the dairy. Believe me, there are many more there.