Friday, May 22, 2009

Monica goes home!!!

We received a phone call in response to the Lost and Found ad that we had placed in the newspaper. The lady said that they had been missing their 8 year-old daughter's poodle for over three months. She had wandered away when she was in season. The description she gave matched the little white poodle that Wendell had rescued. This dog was supposed to be very friendly. This was not our experience with her. So, they told me her name was Monica. It was dark when I went out to the kennel where we were keeping her. I called out her name and it was the FIRST time that she ever came to me. It had to be her because we had been trying and trying to get her to come. They came and picked her up the next day. We were all very happy to see her find her owners. A real Lady and the Tramp story. If we could only find "Watson's" owners now. He is still hanging around here. Gets along great with the kitties so we will keep looking for his family. Wendell jokes that he will still be here 12 years from now!