Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thanks to Johnny, I can milk after sundown!

Wow, have we been busy! My lack of posts tell the story. My nephew, Johnny, got lights to work in the holding pen. Yes! He worked so hard up there on the ladder. I really appreciate all that he did. I can finally get rid of my extension cord and lamp to see at night. This helps so much when I go out to check everyone in the evening. We have so much family support and feel so blessed. Thanks also to Alan and Teri for lunch at Raul and Theresa's. It was a much needed break and we enjoyed it very much. Wendell is painting the final coat on the inside of the barn today. Will try and get some pics up soon of the improvement. It looks soooo good. Still a few days until the next kid is due. Wendell is headed to Snowflake to visit David and Kathryn this weekend. Taking some stuff up. Maybe he will bring me a new doe home :-)