Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One Year Old

Here is a picture of the house and buildings at the OLD Crow's Dairy to celebrate our "new" Crow's Dairy as it turns one today! It has been a year filled with all emotions the human kind can experience. Thankfully, most of those have been in the positive column. We are happy to be where we are today. I like to think that if you breathe in faith, you exhale fear and that is truly how we have survived the challenging parts. God is good.
Life has changed dramatically for all of us. Wendell and I now have different social groups
that neither knows the other! I have online goat friends that I learn so much from and feel as I "know" them. Wendell has his farmers market group and the chefs. He is busy again with the public and he loves this. So many of "our" teachers running up to him for a hug :-) Of course, he loves it. I hope to meet some of his friends when we open to the public on Saturdays sometime after the first of the year. We are on the doorstep of a press release. Zoning is all signed off and waiting for the final approval!
We are so busy! As I sit here, updating the blog, I know that I should hurry as the does are waiting. In fact, Wendell just came in and gave me the "look" so I KNOW it is time to go.