Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Heart Dropped

When Wendell told me that his chest felt "funky" and he wanted to go to the doctor "in the morning," I got out of bed and started getting dressed. There was no way I was going to wait all night long for him to see the doctor. He had been very tired lately and had just figured he had been working too much. Anyway, to make a long story short, he is now the proud recipient of a stent in his right coronary artery! He didn't want anyone to know, or make a fuss over him, so he didn't want me to tell anyone. Well, I almost lost my composure after 24 hours of keeping this "secret" and people were wondering where we were. I called my dear friend Kathy Lee and told her what was happening and that I was going to lose it if I didn't have someone to talk to about it. Thanks to her, she calmed me down and I was able to be strong for Wendell. I just don't know what I would have done without her calm reassurance that all would be fine. About 20 minutes prior to the proceedure, Wendell gave me the green light to let the kids know what was going on. I called and let them know that their father was going to have a cardiac catherization. They were all very strong for me. We didn't have any tears or panic! I am so glad about that. Dr. Patel came out after the procedure and told me that Wendell had one of his main arteries that was 99.9% blocked. He continued to explain that he had been .1% away from a heart attack! During the procedure the doctor was able to place the stent into the artery and open it back to 100%. Praise God! Everything turned out fine. He is now home resting for the next week. So, if my posts aren't very often ... That is why.
Progress on the dairy is chugging along. We are still very excited about the does kidding this spring and that we will be making cheese!
Take care, AND if your chest ever feels FUNKY, get to the ER!