Monday, January 26, 2009

Water Works

Well, it takes quite a bit of work to get water from one end of the dairy to the other. A big thanks to Aaron who spent about 12 hours on the backhoe this weekend digging the trenches. Wendell and Erik were the PVC pipe specialists. When the water was turned on there were no leaks. Yippee! We have water all over the place now. We even have HOT water in the house. Thanks also to Matthew who put the blinds up in all of the windows. The last of the saltillo tile was installed in the bedrooms. It is really starting to look like something. No more tablecloths on the windows or concrete floors :-)
Wendell went for his follow-up at the cardiologist and he is realeased to normal activity. Thank you, thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers. I can't tell you how happy I am. His birthday is on the 28th and we will be celebrating BIG TIME with a combined birthday/SuperBowl party! The AZ Cardinals are finally in it! #13 is our lucky number and that is quarterback Kurt Warner's jersey number. Wendell and I were married on June 13, Wendell's dad, Ken, survived a WWII kamikaze attack on Friday the 13th, Wendell's heart stent was placed on 1/13/09 AND the dairy address is 11300 S. Dean. Soooo, we are sure hoping that Kurt Warner and the Cardinals bring a victory back from Tampa Bay.
Goats are doing well. The girls that are pregnant are starting to show and Mary Lou (the daughter, not the goat) is also starting to show! She is due July 1st. Can't wait to see our new little goat milker!