Friday, December 19, 2008

Keeping Busy

This morning Wendell and Aaron moved all of the commercial kitchen equipment to the dairy. A big thank you to John Crow for the generous contribution. We will certainly put it to use. I stayed busy painting the "orange" room. It is now a nice brown color. The color looks a bit like chocolate milk, which is so appropriate for us. Wendell, David and Aaron moved all of the decorative rocks that lined the yard and made a fire ring. You can see it in the picture. Also, in the background of the picture on the horizon, you can see three "clouds." Actually, those are columns of steam from the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station which is owned by APS. It is the largest nuclear electric generating site in the United States. Things are moving in the right direction as far as electricity goes. An APS representative stopped by while we were there today. He said things look good and we should have power as soon as some minor work is finished. I am so excited to just have power. Aaron, Charlotte and I took time out and went to Pizzeria Bianco for dinner tonight. Wonderful food! We met Kathy, Cidney and Kyle there. Of course, Kyle and Cidney had their sweet baby boy with them. Wish Wendell could have made it but he has to work at Saddle Ranch tonight. With all of the work on the dairy, I think that job is short-lived. Well, I am watching grandkids tonight while Aaron and Diana go out. We are gonna have a good time watching Christmas movies. Good night!