Monday, December 15, 2008

Slowly but surely!

It has been a week since I have last blogged and it is definitely not because there isn't any progress on the farm to report. Wendell and I returned from our trip to New Mexico to move Kenny and Kathy back to Arizona. We need all the family help we can get. Kenny not only knows cows, he knows sales. Kenny and Kathy both have a great deal of business experience and we value their input. Unlike cows, goats need shelter in addition to shades. The weather conditions are never much of a bother to the bovine, but for the goats it can be a serious issue. Goats need to be protected from the rain, wind and cold or they can become ill. So, since we are in a pinch for time, we bought a 45' storage container for their new home. We plan on painting the shelter this week and plan to have them on the farm in time to beat the tax exemption deadline of 12/31/08. Today is a very important day for dairy because we will have electricity turned to the farm house today. I definitely take flipping that little switch for granted because it has been quite a process to achieve something so ordinary to most of us. We have purchased our first piece of furniture for the new house (a queen sized bed) and with the new electricity we will now be able to stay over night. The power will also make working at the farm much easier with the use of sockets, lights and running water. We would like to acknowledge both the men and women of this family who have been very hard at work to get our dairy closer to being an active business. We want to extend our thanks to those who have helped and to our followers and supporters of Crow's Dairy. This is definitely a journey that we will be milking for all it's worth.