Monday, June 15, 2009

Barbara Helps the Doe Ratio

I pulled Barbara from the doe pen last night. She looked like her udder would explode and she was showing other signs the time was near. About 4 this morning I was convinced we would be having morning babies. Then she was still the same after milking. She was arching her back and straining while standing. Sometimes they will do this when a kid isn't lined up right. So, after a few more pushes that were going nowhere, I discovered only one leg and one head in the birth canal. After a little rearranging -- a 6.1# black and white roan doeling came out with a bit of help. Shortly after followed another 6.3# black and white doeling. Both were trying to stand within minutes. I fed them colostrum, Vitamin E, B12 and weighed them. The two are doing great. The roan girl looks so gray already. We are going to call her Gertie. The other one is Teri. I now have 21 to milk twice daily with 8 does left to kid.