Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The Nubian Intensive Care Unit has a new patient. Z36 was born a week premature and is doing fairly well considering that. Natalie kidded with little effort when she had the 4-1/2 lb singleton buckling. He has markings just like dad and is so cute. I am feeding him once every three or four hours and since he can't stand yet (getting close though), I have to also do all of the toileting for him -- not my favorite part of the job. I have him in the back room of the dairy house where the scorpions are. Yes, the scorpions. Wendell and David are collecting the ones we find in a terrarium. These are not Bark Scorpions (because I would have killed those by now) but the less venomous Giant Desert Hairy. They are ten times bigger, twice as creepy, but not nearly as dangerous. The guys all chase down bugs to feed them since I am not, I repeat, am not going to be responsible for them. Ewww! My next animal will be Guinea Fowl! They love to eat scorps!