Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sneaky Sharon

Sharon is one of those goats that likes her own kind better than the human kind. She was raised just like the others were but is her own goat! I check the ligaments by a doe's tailbone two or three times daily when the time gets near. It has been a great indicator and I have caught most of the girls within 12 hours of kidding. Sharon, stinker that she is, didn't make it easy to do the checks. I usually would have to get Wendell to help me and he is so busy. So ... we found Z39 in the doe pen. She had hidden her birth even from Luna! He was still gooey and wet when Wendell went to fix a fence near her hiding place. Sharon is an excellent mom! She was cleaning him like nobody's business. She loves her baby buckling. He is black and white with a white snip on his nose just like his mom. He weighed 7 lb 10 oz and is very heatlthy. Sharon is not as crazy in the barn as I had expected. She's only had one milking so far that was a little bit of a rodeo.