Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Best Management Practices (BMP)

Or, heart-breaking reality, some baaad news. My quarantine pen's blood results were not as good as I had hoped. CAE results on the two does were positive. At least the G6S and CL were good. Wendell and I took them back to Brogdon Farms. Kayla beamed when I handed her Lexi and the noon bottle feeding. Autumn and Dopey were brats so that wasn't too hard. I will definitely miss Isabelle though. I know it sounds cheesy -- but I really bonded with her. I hope one of the next girls come close to Isabelle's manners, beauty and production. Teri called the vet out and she is having a more detailed blood test done. Hopefully she calls me soon and it was a false positive. What an alphabet soup of goat diseases. We are doing the BMP disease prevention methods. None of these factor in that certain goats can steal your heart as fast as any dog. But Wendell is right again. Show animals are exposed to so many other goats. He is also right about never blending the animals until test results are back. You do the best you know how to do. Sometimes something goes wrong and you have to do what is right to keep your herd as disease-free as humanly possible. Waaa!