Friday, February 20, 2009


We got the final results from the blood tests on the main herd (goat people call it a 'trip' -- but I am originally a cow person). Everyone came back great! We are getting ready to vaccinate the preggers that are closest to kidding. We also have to buy a microscope so we can do fecals to determine if we need to de-worm or not. Floating poop and looking for worm eggs is what I will actually be doing. Fun, fun, fun. I will have to thank Mr. Thibedeau for teaching me this stuff in high school. I am really going to be using my skills.
Aren't the puppies growing fast? Luna is very dominant and the boys have wonderful manners. I just have to stay ahead of the head-strong girl. I have only had one challenge when she was young and she has been good since then. These are my co-workers. I love my job.