Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feeders, Fences and Feet

Work is a four letter word, but so is love! We have been doing so many things this week. Wendell, David, Erik and Brian have been laboring at the dairy putting up feeders and fences. In the pictures you can see our new pellet feeder that the guys are designing and installing. I am sure there isn't one just like it in the state. Also, it was time for pedicures. We worked 14 hours last weekend doing hoof trimming, blood testing, and measurements on all of the goats.
I made my second batch of cheese from Isabelle's extra milk. Out of the half gallon of milk I got 1.4 pounds of cheese. It was gone in a flash. I plan on hiding a little of the next batch :-) Shouldn't be long before Autumn has her kid. i am on "farm arrest" waiting for the new arrival. Then it should be at least 3 weeks before things really start to get crazy. Four of the girls are due March 11-21. That should keep me busy!
Aaron and Wendell are at the farm setting posts for the fencing. Mary and Erik are on one last trip to Rocky Point, MX before the majority of kids (and thier kid) start to arrive. Hope they enjoy thier Valentine's Day. Wendell is the best Valentine! I had coffee, a card and a gift when I opened my eyes this morning. Watching the grandkids tonight so Diana and Aaron can go to a romantic dinner at the Compass Room tonight. Happy Valentine's Day!