Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Adriana's Little Lady

After lunch, I went to check on Bambi and Charlotte -- both of which were looking close to delivery. What I didn't expect to find was a little doeling, Z15, standing there looking at me as if she were saying, "Where is my mama?" Bambi and Charlotte were still very pregnant and no doe was claiming the baby. Of course, Luna was there licking and cleaning her like she does any new baby. I called for Wendell to come and help me look at goat butts because even the kid's cries brought no attention. Wendell finally found Adriana at the feed trough with the 'evidence' on her rear end. Wendell milked her while I took "Wendy" to the house for the routine stuff. She weighed 5 pounds even and is just adorable. Adriana is happy to come into the milk barn. She just didn't want to spend time in the nursery!