Friday, April 10, 2009

Mary Lou's Hideaway

After feeding and milking, I went to check on all of the girls. Everyone seemed to be doing well. Or, so I thought. My friend Wanda came over to help me pasteurize the milk and make cheese. After we got the culture in and the cheese set, Wanda wanted to see the girls. We went to the doe pen and the first thing Wanda said was, "What is dead over there?" Luna was standing licking it and we both took off running to the other side of the pen where it was. I was so surprised to see a tiny, cold doeling that was barely alive. The doe, Mary Lou, had gotten underneath the shelter, delivered and couldn't/wouldn't stand up or crawl out. Upon further inspection we noticed a buckling even farther back under the shelter. This little buckling was standing. So, Luna did a wonderful job keeping these two alive by licking them and cleaning their faces. What a dog!!! Wanda grabbed the little doeliing (now obviously named Wanda) wrapped her in her sweatshirt and ran to the house. I crawled under the shelter, (which has since been fixed!) and pulled out the little boy. Poor Wendell had to drag the doe out because she was not coming willingly. He brought her up to the house and we got colostrum into the babies as quickly as possible. Got little Wanda put onto a heating pad as we were not sure she was going to make it. It took her 8 hours to stand up but she is doing great now. After her 24 hour stay in NICU (Nubian Intensive Care Unit), she is now with her brother and other kids. Woo hoo! She only weighed 4.3# and her brother weighed 6.2#. They were a few days early but are doing just fine. Z11 and Z12 are cute as they can be.