Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blondie's Full Moon

When one of the does gets close to delivery, I put them in the Labor/Delivery/Recovery (LDR) pen outside of my bedroom window. That is where Blondie had been spending the last two nights. This way, I can look out my window when I suspect action. Well, at 3:00 am I woke to a Blondie screaming. I just knew that she had kidded and I raced to put my clothes on (I had them layed out fireman style) and get to the baby and make sure it was breathing. Thankfully the moon was almost full. However, all I could see was a blonde head on each end of the goat! The baby was not presenting right and NO WAY were the shoulders coming out. So, I tried to push the baby's wiggling head back into the birth canal and try to bring out the legs first. Blondie did not think that was a good idea and pushed against me. The little guy was living on borrowed time as I worked to grab at least one of his legs to get him delivered. Wendell had arrived by now and was listening to my narration of what I was feeling inside. He says I do this almost talking to myself and not to him. Anyway, after sorting out the who's who of legs, I found one that belonged to the head. I pulled it up and out and with another contraction the first of THREE BLONDE BUCKLINGS was born. The next one in line was also coming head and no legs first so I had to pull that guy, too. The final one presented correctly and came much easier. Aside from the fact that I was hoping for different "plumbing," they are adorable. Each year the ADGA registry has a tattoo letter for kids born that year. This year is the letter "Z" followed by the number indicating how many have been born on the farm that year. So ... Z8, Z9, and Z10 are all doing well.