Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spots of a different color for Carol

Our goat, Carol, is named after Wendell's sister. She is a "redhead" with white spots, or "freckles" if you will. I knew that she was starting to stray from the rest of the goats and hang out alone. I looked for other signs that were more significant, but there were none. Her udder was still small and no discharge, pawing at the ground, etc. So, I went in the house after morning chores and did some bookkeeping. It was around lunchtime for the kids so I warmed the milk and went outside to feed. When I got to the gate there was a little doe kid standing there by Carol (and Luna -- of course) staring at me - Z32. She was still wet and had not eaten yet. I called for Wendell and he brought her to the kidding pen. We didn't know if there was another to follow or not as Carol is in very good condition. We milked her hoping that would stimulate contractions but only the placenta followed pushing. That was it for her. Just one 6.6# brown doeling with black spots on her rump. We named her Taylor. She is quite spunky and is doing great.