Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bambi starts without me!

After the midnight feeding, I went for a stroll through the doe pen. This time Bambi's ligaments were totally gone. I knew it would be soon so I pulled her and put her in the close up pen. I checked on her when I got up at 6 am and she still looked the same so I went on about my chores looking in on her now and then. Well, she pushed half of a kid out before I could get around to my next check. It seemed that she had tired and just quit so I pulled the rest of 6 pound 12 ounce doeling Z16 into the world. She wasn't responding or breathing well so she and I did the twirl around and around while I held her by the back legs. Mucous came out and she started to breathe :-) Bambi got up and started mothering her. I didn't know if there was another to come so I gave her a few minutes. After she had been pushing with no progress, I decided it was time to go in and investigate. When I reached in all I felt was a tail. This kid was in full breech position. I pushed the bottom back in and looked for a leg or two. It took a while but I was able to get the legs in position and the kid came out with no problem. Well, there was a problem. Buckling Z17 was DOA. He had apparently drowned because of the difficult backward delivery. Mother and daughter though are doing well.