Thursday, April 16, 2009

Classic Connie

Connie is one of our goats that is secure enough in herself that she really doesn't need people. She and her mom, Jerry, keep to themselves. They don't even associate with the other goats much unless it is to boss them around :-) I saw that Connie was definitely in labor. Put her in the LDR pen and watched. That is about all I had to do because she did everything textbook. Both kids were born in the classic diving position and came out strong and ready to eat. A big black 9.4# buckling, Z20, came first. He was followed right away by a 6.4# brown doeling, Z21, that looks just like her mom. Thanks, Connie for the daytime and EASY delivery. Now, if you would just be nicer in the barn! She is such a dancing and kicking brat!