Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Babies

I stayed at home alone on Easter because of Martha. Yes, she was showing classic labor signs and I was not going to get to go to Mary's party, or to see Art at the hospital. As I sat and cried thinking of losing a dear friend, Martha kept me occupied with her quiet talking while she labored. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. There was a light breeze, puffy clouds and the perfect temperature. The birds were chirping, the ground squirrels climbing into the wolfberry plants and gorging on berries. The cottontail rabbits were all around popping in and out of the shrubs. It was hard for me. Didn't the birds know that Art was so very sick? How could they still sing so beautifully? How could it be such a gorgeous day? It should be damp and cloudy and dreary. Then Martha's soft moans began to get more serious. That's it. LIFE goes on. I watched the miracle of life come into this world as Wendell sat with our friend that was near the end of his life. This circle is completed every day all over the world. Easter! This is what EASTER is about. I had to reach deep for the FAITH that this is God's plan. I held tight to that thought as I helped pull a little buckling into this world. It was a gorgeous little guy followed quickly by a doeling that was just as pretty. Thanks to Martha I had something to do that took my mind off of the sad things. I named the boy Arty Pants and the girl Angela.