Thursday, April 23, 2009

Motherhood for Cindy

Cindy has always been a velcro doe. She is always by your side and so sweet. So, when I went out on a stoll through the doe pen, and she was in a corner, I knew it was time. To the kidding pen we went. I grabbed my laptop, sat for a spell and watched another easy delivery. Z30 is a 6.8# black buckling and Z31 is a 6.4# black doeling with a white crown and black ears like her mom. I never get tired watching the miracle of birth no matter what the species. Ask Wendell -- I love to watch baby delivery shows on cable :-) Well, Cindy didn't dissapoint me with her method of delivery, but afterward she wanted nothing to do with those critters that caused her so much pain. Not much of a mothering instinct. She wouldn't even lick them when I presented her with them. When they started standing and walking toward her, she would butt them away. Guess they can't all be good moms.