Saturday, April 18, 2009

Destiny in the afternoon

I just love it when the does show classic signs of labor. This was the case with Destiny. I had not expected her anytime soon but she had different ideas. I noticed that Luna was following her around. Luna is crazy about birthing babies :-) The remnants of the birth are her reward. I know, ugh! But, she is the best goat midwife ever. I have been keeping an eye on Luna lately and if she is following one around, the time is near. So I put Destiny in the kidding pen and sat down with my laptop and watched. Slowly but surely, two legs and a nose appeared. Not much progress was being made so I stepped in and helped to pull a striking black and white 6.4 pound buckling, Z24. Destiny drank her molasses water eagerly. It was a warm day after all, then I milked her and she headed back to the rest of her friends. The kid is doing well.