Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh, the betrayal!

So, I have been milking these girls in the barn by hand for over 2 weeks thinking the equipment was coming any day now. I enjoy milking and seeing each one every morning and evening. Had given up on the small electric milker because it is designed to use from the front and we have a parallel barn where you milk from behind. Again, I was training the girls to the new barn from the stand because the machines were on their way, no? I have enjoyed developing my handshake. Well, come to find out, Wendell had not even ordered it yet because he was back and forth between models and designs. I told him if he had been doing the milking that decision would have been made more than two weeks ago! Guess what? He is down at the Jackrabbit place right now creating tubing that will work with the one I have -- AND, the order for the real stuff was placed this afternoon. Here is a picture of Wendell milking in the barn. No wonder he finally put me at the top of his list ... Because he has never liked to milk, with or without a machine.