Saturday, April 18, 2009

Late Night Lorene

When I finished with Destiny and her kid I was exhausted. After all, on top of milking and feeding, I had 6 does kid in the past 3 days. Not to mention all of those midnight feedings. I hadn't been sleeping well because I kept wondering if someone was in labor so I would get up at random hours and go out to check. I told Wendell that Lorene was going to go any time and would he please deliver her so I could get some rest. He agreed and we put her in the LDR pen outside of my bedroom window. I went to bed and Wendell rubbed my feet. That is the last thing I remember until I heard him say from outside, "We have a head and a leg!" What that meant is that his big hand could not retrieve the leg from its bad position. I jumped up wearing only my nightgown, washed and had my arm inside Lorene within two minutes! It was simple for me since there was plenty of room for my small hand. Out came Z25, a 5.12# brown buckling followed by Z26, a backward 5 pound brown spotted doeling. I didn't get much sleep but I was so glad everything went well. When we finally did get back to bed I had no problem going back to sleep!